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I just had a VERY good experience with Dr. Albert Ruiz, I recently lost a filling and he took me in without an appointment and fixed me up with a temporary crown until I get home to have my own dentist provide a permanent crown-and I thought his fee was quite reasonable. I'd highly recommend this man.
Dick Van De Weghe

After 20 years with Dr. Ruiz all I can say is, he and his staff are #1 in all areas of care, concern, and professionalism.
Irene O'Rourke

I am 69 and I have been going to the dentist since I was 4 years old. This office is the first dental office I have ever enjoyed coming to. Everyone is very nice, kind, and the dental work is first class.
Carey Carlton

I am a snowbird whose tooth cracked over the weekend. Our neighbor recommended Dr. Ruiz with high praise, so I called the office Monday morning and told the receptionist my problem. She was very professional and cordial, I was worked in that morning for an examination. Dr. Ruiz explained every detail about my options. Dr. Ruiz and his staff were very alert to my needs making a dreaded trip to the dentist a pleasant experience. On a scale of 1-10 Dr. Ruiz and his staff are a 20!
Jeannette A. Mallory

When I started coming to Dr. Ruiz 15 years ago I had a horrible case of gingivitis. I told my old dentist that all my teeth were hurting. This went on for well over a year. By the time I came to Dr. Ruiz’s office I had to have deep cleaning done. He did ¼ of my mouth at a time to make it tolerable. It is a very grueling procedure.
Dr. Ruiz spent time and showed me exactly what was happening with his mouth camera. He and his team were so pleasant and considerate before, during, and after working on my teeth. Never rushing through the procedures and always watching for sign of discomfort and pain. Giving me breaks during the procedures just to make things more bearable.
Although I had a lot of work that needed to be done Dr. Ruiz stayed within my budget and walked me along till all the work got done. He told me what was urgent, and what was next. He made some of the other work last a little longer till I could afford a more permanent solution.
In all the years I have been going there I don’t think I ever had to wait more than 10 minutes for any of my scheduled appointments. Yet they always made room for me if I had an emergency. I brought all my children there as well and again when things were tough he helped me out so many times.
When I called to see if he could donate anything to send to Haiti after the hurricanes he was very generous giving cases of toothbrushes and toothpaste to send over there. He helped support my children in mission trips and was like part of the family.
My parents and I have spent a small fortune on my mouth in my lifetime. I would do it all again because you cannot put a price on a smile, it increases your face value. You can give it away over and over again bringing much joy to others while still keeping it yourself.
Thank You Dr. Ruiz and team for making “going to the dentist and getting my teeth drilled” so pleasant for all these years. My children never complained about having work done either.
Susan Lowrance

I have been coming to Dr. Ruiz my whole 22 years of life! Dr. Ruiz is an awesome dentist for both kids & adults! He is very calm and efficient and makes the patient feel comfortable no matter the procedure. Over the years I have seen different office staff and dental assistants, no matter who he has working here they are all extremely nice, warm and welcoming. He has a great staff! Everyone in this office are easy to work with and it is obvious, we as the patients are their number one priority and do whatever it takes to work with our schedules and to make us happy. I plan on Dr. Ruiz watching my kids grow up and treat them as he has done with me for so make years!
Sarah Norris

I met Dr. Ruiz in April of 2011, while in search of a dentist who not only took new patients, but emergencies as well. I found his office in an old phone book, after calling around, Dr. Ruiz’s office was the only one who could see me the next morning. Upon arriving, I was greeted by Ms. Joanne, she is a joy to see, as well as educated as to her job with Dr. Ruiz. Then I was greeted by Emily, Dr. Ruiz’s assistant, who always has a great attitude, good spirits, and she too, is very educated in her job with Dr. Ruiz. Dr. Ruiz and Emily work well as a team and she seems to be in tune with his needs when assisting him. She’s easy to communicate with and shows interest in my concerns. Before my procedure, Dr. Ruiz goes over every procedure in depth if needed, to be sure you understand what he’s doing to your mouth. Before, he begins, Emily will go over what’s being done at your visit, the cost, then you sign. Upon meeting Dr. Ruiz his charming personality, his caring ways, and gentle touch, and always greets me with a smile and a warm greeting. Dr. Ruiz has never judged me nor questioned me on my neglect of oral care, although I did explain, trust me it wasn’t by choice it had been so long. Nevertheless, once doing a quick review of my tooth, which couldn’t be saved, I returned to Dr. Ruiz to continue with him on getting my teeth and gums where they needed to be. After a full mouth exam, Dr. Ruiz came up with a treatment plan, and explained to me what needed to be taken care of right away, what would follow, what to expect for expenses, and most of all, what were my concerns and what I wanted done first. Dr. Ruiz has made every procedure comfortable and pain free, and should I have pain during or after a procedure he’ll do his best to see that I’m comfortable and not in pain, and Joanne will call in a prescription, that’s close to me which is always a plus! I’m so relaxed when I’m with Dr. Ruiz, that I have been known to doze off and take a little snooze while he’s doing a procedure!! If that’s not confidence and trust in your dentist, I don’t know what is! Also, during these hard times we all face, I recently asked Dr. Ruiz if he could work out a payment that fit my budget and wouldn’t prolong my treatment if I had to come up with the first assessment price. He agreed to help me and work with my budget and there were no delays in my treatment and at the present, we are down to the final procedure! The final procedure will be bleaching my teeth. Thanks to Dr. Ruiz and his expertise as a doctor in dentistry. I’m once again able to show that beautiful smile I once had, and now have gained the confidence to smile again! Dr. Ruiz has done a great job in choosing his staff, everyone gets along with one another, they communicate as a team, and they have been with his office for many years and that says a lot. I’m glad to be a patient with Dr. Ruiz, and also very satisfied and happy with the treatment he has done on my mouth.
Thank you so very much, for being an excellent dentist as well as a true human being with compassion and care..
Keep up the great work!
Tammy Terenzi

Every visit to Dr. Ruiz’s office is a pleasant experience. The staff is welcoming and positive, and I trust that I am completely taken care of. Thank you for taking care of me and my teeth.
Ashley Campbell

Mike Webb

Theresa and I have had Albert Ruiz as our dentist since we were married and she moved to Florida. Theresa has been extremely happy with Dr. Ruiz’s service always caring and very considerate. I have also been very happy, as he is always looking at the long-term and the best way to take care of your teeth. He discusses the various options with you and offers advice when needed. I can’t compare his prices with other dentists, however, I consider him an honest man, one who will not use a person wrong. I am very happy going to him and consider him a honorable person and an outstanding dentist.
James P. Keaveny

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